In John 6:26-29, Jesus explains, to those seeking Him, that there is temporal work and there is eternal work. He challenges them to concentrate on the "Work of God" which has eternal value. I have made many mistakes and poor choices in my life, but I want to finish strong!

I surrendered my life to Jesus at age nine and was called by God into the ministry at 16 in July of 1968. I have spent 48 years investing my liife in Christian education and church ministry. Something I have encountered consistently is a well-known truth; people don't care what you know until they know you care.  If we are going to impact lives with the Gospel; we have to first get their attention. That is the motivation for "The Work." The mission of "The Work" is to offer people not a handout, but a hand up; building bridges into their lives that they will use to come to Jesus. This will take several shapes:

1. We will build relationships with families, help them financially, and assist with housing, transportation, appliances, furniture, etc.

2. We will provide counseling in areas such as marriage and family, premarital, parenting, pastoral, budget, and spiritual. We will coordinate tutoring in whatever subjects or levels are needed.

3. We will sponsor "Open Door" Pregnancy Help Center which will assist women and girls through unplanned, unwanted, or crisis pregnancies.

4. We will offer the city of Gilmer, and all of Upshur County, "The Center" a networking center where needs can be evaluated and solutions can be coordinated with ours and other organizations focused on meeting needs.  The Center is located at 1561 US Hwy 271 N in Gilmer, Texas.

5. We will invite other need-meeting organizations to join us in The Center so we can better coordinate ministry. We are praying for other ministries or government agencies to join us.

As you can tell, this will require a lot of time and organization. For this reason, Carolyn and I have committed to The Work full time. While I will admit there is an amount of anxiety that comes with not having any committed income, we are very confident in God's leadership and excited about how He will provide and lead from this point forward. I want to say thanks to each one of you for your interest in this ministry and ask you to pray for God's will to be done. Please note the "How I Can Help" section. We covet your prayers and ask you to pray about helping us financially, whether it is a one-time gift or monthly support, we thank you for it.

Please visit the blog often. It will be updated as God moves, provides, and leads.

In His Service, Ricky

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