We have qualified as a 5013C Not-for-Profit organization with the government and are working diligently to set up our organizational and operational processes and policies. Special thanks to our board members: Ricky Lively, Bryan Owen, Bill Rigsby, Kenny Spurlin, Greg Laney, and Ed Williams.

→We have begun hosting different segments of the population at luncheons in an effort to raise awareness of The Center and The Work.

→Several Life Groups in 3 different churches have adopted "The Work" as a mission project and are helping with events, construction, and ongoing ministry.

→We were able to place another vehicle with a single mom so she can keep a job and support her family.

→The 10' X 4' sign and the 18' sign post have both been delivered and should be installed by the end of the week. Thanks to everyone who took part in this endeavor.