PRAY!-Please make The Work part of your daily prayer list. We will be doing battle with the forces of evil on a daily basis, attempting to create opportunities to present Jesus. Pray for guidance, wisdom, safety, peace, and that God will provide our daily needs.

GIVE!-Please consider joining our team financially.

This is how it works:

*One time gifts are always appreciated and are tax deductible.

*Join The Work "Team"-here are the levels:

     Member                            $20.00 per month

     Partner                              $50.00 per month

     Silver                                  $100.00 per month

     Gold                                    $500.00 per month

     Platinum                           $1000.00 or more per month

Please consider the following and encourage others to do the same:


     -A car or truck you no longer need so someone can get to work and keep their job

     -A boat, RV, ATV, or motorcycle that can be sold and the money used to help needy families

     -Furniture, appliances, or household items so families can have what they need

     -A house, so a family can have shelter

     -Like-kind donations of goods or services

                 *Include The Work in your estate planning to leave a legacy of ministry and missions

                 *Make The Work part of your family's benevolent giving

                 *Make The Work part of your company's community involvement budget

                 *Rent inflatables for your next party or gathering. (We have 9 available)

                 *Hire us to power-wash your home, boat, sidewalks, patios, etc.

                 *Hire us to mow/landscape your yard, lot, or business

                 *Hire us to remodel, renovate, or repair your home or business

                 *Sponsor one of our outreach events or mission endeavors

                 *Participate or volunteer for one of our fundraising events

Remember that all gifts will be tax deductible and will be acknowledged upon receipt and then totaled and acknowledged for tax purposes at the end of each year.

GO!-Please consider being a volunteer. Whether you come help remodel homes, repair vehicles, deliver appliances and furniture, counsel, tutor, help in the pregnancy center, or go on one of our mission endeavors or mission trips, we would love to partner with you in meeting needs and sharing Jesus.