We are also pleased to accept in-kind donations, such as building materials for our housing assistance programs and previously mentioned basic necessities. For donations of goods and services, please contact us so we can coordinate the pickup or drop off schedules.

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Monetary Donations

In-Kind Donations

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Monetary donations are  greatly appreciated and will help provide transportation and other basic requirements, such as food and medicine. Moreover, your monetary contributions are also used to support our counseling, tutoring, and pregnancy center projects.  All monetary contributions can be made through this website or by check to 1561 US Hwy 271 N, Gilmer, TX  75644.

Contact us in Gilmer, Texas at 903-258-2432 or email theworkingilmer@gmail.com to donate to our extensive community development programs.

Get involved by making a tax deductable donationto the community development programs of The Work in Gilmer, Texas. Our purposeful organization, together with the communities we serve, humbly thank you for your contributions.You will get a donation ackowledgement for tax purposes.